Richard Armitage, “My Dear Delight”

If this headline makes you think that I have a huge crush on Richard Armitage, you are mistaken. His voice on the other hand… Can you have a huge crush or any crush at all on a voice :-)?
Now this might sound like I think Richard isn’t worth looking at. But he is, he’s very nice to look at even though I wouldn’t exactly say that he’s my “type”. I usally like my crushes to be more of the “rugged” kind of guys, if you know what I mean. And no, I don’t mean as rugged as Thorin Oakenshield, that’s way too rugged even for me.

Anyway, Richard is undoubtedly very nice to look at, but his voice is just to die for. Seriously. I guess, most of the people in the western world have probably heard his voice by now in either a trailer for “The Hobbit” or in the movie itself. I don’t know about you, but … *swoon*.
Well, at least I find his voice very swoon-worthy. And not just is his voice remarkable, but so is his ability to use it to portray various characters within one narration. Whether it is the old and concerned aunt, the 17 years old book-loving brother, the headstrong heroine or the “wicked baron”, who is not so much wicked as just mysteriously sexy :-). Richard’s voice does tremendously contribute to the latter impression.

By now I’ve listened to all three audiobooks of Georgette Heyer novels (all set in the early 19th century) he narrates and I enjoyed them all very much, but “Venetia”, the one I listened to over the last few days, is definitely my favourite. Because of the witty conversations between the “wicked baron” Lord Damerel and Venetia Lanyon. And the way he calls her  “my dear delight”. And also because of Richard’s wonderful talent to give every character a very unique voice. He really is marvelous at that *sigh* If you like audiobooks I can only very much recommend to check these out.

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