Scotland in August 2012, Day 01

For days I had planned to write another post about the weird funk I’m at the moment, but I neither found the right words nor was I motivated to search for them. Yet. I don’t know. This afternoon I was determined to write a long and angry post about why one of my new (how long until everything job-related loses it’s new-ness?) coworker is just rubbing me all kinds of wrong.
But luckily on my way home I thought writing that post would be a waste of my time and energy and blog space. I’ll try to just let it go. Being the better person and all. Not easy, but probably so much healthier. Anyway…. this post here is the first of probably many about last year’s (*sigh*) trip to Scotland.

Originally I had planned to not share photos and memories from my trip to Scotland in a chronological, but in a more theme-oriented way. I even started with that with the post about Culloden and other Scottish stuff, but now as I was sorting through my photos I also realized that I obviously misplaced or deleted or whatever the file I journaled my trip in. I prefer doing this in digital form these days, because I usually can’t decipher my handwriting after a few weeks :-)
Anyway, I can’t find the file anywhere on my netbook, PC, any flash drive, external harddrive or anywhere in my cloud. So I decided to write in more detail about this trip here as long as I still remember most of it :-)

Day Zero: 11 August 2012

The “first” day was spent with driving to Amsterdam to board the night ferry to Newcastle. The trip was uneventful, the biggest event might have been to see all the Brits going back from hen and stag parties spent in Amsterdam. The whole concept still baffles me. But we had a great sunset out there, the first of quite a few on this trip.


Day One: 12 August 2012, Newcastle (England) – North Berwick (Scotland)
We arrived in Newcastle in the morning and the two friends I was travelling with mastered driving on the “wrong” side of the street like pros. They’ve done it before and they were awesome drivers for the whole trip. I didn’t drive, because it was their parents cars and the car insurance only covered the trip when only family members drove the car. So I was “Miss Daisy” on this trip :-)

Our first touristy stop was Alnwick Castle and Alnwick Garden in Northumberland (England). It’s a huge tourist attraction but it also had a lot of open space so it didn’t feel overly crowded to me. In the first two Harry Potter movies the exteriors of Hogwarts have been shot there and of course there were Harry Potter related activities and exhibitions. There also were beautiful gardens a large tree house, fountains and water cascade and we also took part in an educational tour of the poison garden where they had all kinds of plants that can kill you. Good thing it was securely locked off and could only be visited in company of a guide.

After that we traveled further north, crossed the border *g* andreached our second stop for the day: Tantallon Castle, which is only a ruin but it’s located on a cliff above the Firth of Forth and with a great view of Bass Rock From there it was only a short drive to North Berwick, where we stayed for the night.

To Be Continued… hopefully within the next few days/weeks and not months :-)

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