Winter Wonderland…

I should have checked my calender this morning or better already last night. Then I would have realized that this week is my week of “snow duty”, which means shoveling the sidewalk in front of our house and the way to the backyard. I admit I was wondering for a minute why my neighbour on snow duty hadn’t shoveled yet, until I realized that it was my turn *headdesk*. That took 10 minutes out of my morning, totally unscheduled and then there were the additional 15 minutes it took to dig my car out of last night’s 10cm of snow. I left for work 30 minutes later than planned and the drive that usually takes 45 minutes took 90 minutes because of the road conditions. *sigh* I was grateful at least that there was no real traffic jam or blocked highways, it was just very slow stop-and-go. But at least it war more going than stopping, even though the going happened very very slowly.

Tomorrow I’m traveling to a seminar in another part of Germany (about 250 km away) and I’m taking the train for this one. Hopefully there won’t be too much disruption in the rail traffic tomorrow. And I still have to take my car to drive to the station, so I still have to dig it out early in the morning. Possibly. Maybe it won’t snow tonight? Freezing alone is bad enough.

This sounds awfully whiney and as if I’m sick of the snow and winter weather already. I’m not. I don’t mind it all that much, because it is winter time after all. Every year deserves to have some snow. Lots of snow even. Just not when it’s my time to shovel it away :-)

° ° ° °

Outlander Chronicles 2013
Day 006 | Audiobook: Outlander, Part 1 | finished (08:21:20) (= near the end of chapter 11: Conversations with a lawyer)

What happens?
Claire spends an afternoon with Geilis Duncan and with Jamie’s help frees a boy from the pillory. Claire doesn’t manage to escape and Jamie swears an oath to the MacKenzie Clan. Dougal takes both of them to collect the tenants’ rents and to collect money for the Stuart cause, using Jamie’s flogged back to rouse the folk against the English, to both Jamie’s and Claire’s dismay.

What’s important ;-)?
Jamie’s gallantry, again, when he helps Claire to get the boy out of the pillory. He also keeps quiet about her failed attempt to flee from the castle and he’s starting to trust her more and more. Maybe because they both are “Outlanders” at Castle Leoch in one way or another? Claire is equally trying to help Jamie or at least is bold enough to tell Dougal what she thinks of this method of collecting the money for the Jacobites.

Most important of all: Jamie starts calling her “Sassenach” in the friendly, lovely, charming, endearing way only he can say it. *sigh* Taken that it originally is a rather deprecating term the Scots use for the English.

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