A Lazy Weekend (Was Just What I Needed)

This must be the laziest and most unproductive weekend I had in a long time. And I didn’t plan to be unproductive, but I obviously needed the time to chill and relax and sleep. Sleep especially and even though last night it was not the most restful sleep, I still got more than enough this weekend. It sucks that at the moment the weeks are draining my energy so much that I need a complete weekend of doing basically nothing to recharge, but it’s what it is.
And I wasn’t a complet lazy slob after all. I might not have done the stuff I had planned to do (work on my grad school assignment) but I didn some household chores, ran some small errands and went for a few (short) walks and I also finally downloaded a reference management programm which I want to start using as I will have to still write a longer termpaper and the master thesis in the (near) future. And I can use it for free once I’ve ordered a license via the university, which was a bit complicated, but I managed to that today. So the weekend wasn’t *that* unproductive after all.

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Outlander Chronicles 2013
Day 031 – 032 | Audiobook: Dragonfly in Amber, Part Three: Malchance (Chapter 18 – 21)

That was a short part, compared to part 2 :-).

listened to between 15 February 6:55 and 16 February around 23:00.

Random thoughts
I admit that when I read this book for the first time I had not seen the “resurrection” of Jack Randall coming. At all. Maybe I should have because Claire still had Frank’s ring which meant that he would have to be born one day, but I didn’t really think that much about that back then. So seeing Jack Randall again was a shock to me as much as it was for Claire and Jamie.
But by now years later and know what’s more to come I’m very much enjoying the emotions and the drama of this storyline :-)

I had forgotten a few details about some of the events of this part. For instance that Jamie had been arrested for a night after Mary Hawkins was raped. Or that Dougal had been in Paris and helped Claire to stop the duell from happening.

Fergus was adorable, when he acts as man of the house, while Jamie was away at the Bastille and Jamie was adorable whn he explained why he had made up the “La Dame Blanche” rumour.

Moments that move me to tears
Murtagh telling his story…
“I swore ye my oath, Jamie Fraser, when ye were no more than a week old, and a bonny lad at your mother’s breast. [….] I knelt at Ellen’s feet as I kneel now by yours [….] and I swore to her by the name o’ the threefold God, that I would follow ye always, to do your bidding, and guard your back, when ye became a man grown and needing such service.”

Jamie, when Claire asks him to spare Randall for Frank’s sake
“Aye,” he whispered, as though to himself, “I’m a big chap. Big and strong. I can stand a lot. Yes, I can stand it.” He whirled on me shouting.
“I can stand a lot! But just because I can, does that mean I must? Do I have to bear everyone’s weakness? Can I not have my own?”

[All quotes from “Dragonfly in Amber” by Diana Gabaldon, © 1992 by Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved.]

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