Outlander Chronicles 2013, Day 025

Outlander Chronicles 2013
Day 023 – 025 | Audiobook: Dragonfly in Amber, Part One: Through a Looking Glass, Darkly, Inverness, 1968 (Chapter 01 – 05) 

With the 2nd novel in the Outlander series, I decided to change my way of chronicaling (is that a word?) and limit it to one post for every part of the novel (not parts of the audiobook).

Listened to between 06 February, around 6:45 and 08 February, almost 21:00.
Most of the listening time I spent in my car on commute to work or driving to other meetings, grocery shoping or to meet a friend. Also listened to it on the regular walks to the city centre during lunch breaks.
Drove aprox. 330 kilometres and walked another aprox 5.

New people (in order of appearance)
Roger Wakefield | Brianna Randall | Fiona Graham
I don’t remember what I thought of Roger, when he was first introduced, but he certainly grew on me. I admit that I’m still not a huge fan of Brianna, I mostly like her for Jamie and Claire’s sake :-) Fiona is only a supporting character and a bit annoying one at first, but I recall that she had a bigger or at least more important role later on in the story?

General Thoughts
When I opened the first page of “Dragonfly in Amber”  the minute after I had finished “Outlander” in the summer of 2009, I was totally confused and thought I had bought the wrong book, i.e. one that came much later in canon. Because it didn’t make sense to see Claire in 1968. I guess, I wasn’t the only one who was confused about that :-).
I don’t remember much of what I was thinking besides that, but I don’t think I for just one moment thought Jamie was dead (at least not in the Jamie/Claire timeline, if you know what I mean). I was thinking that they might have been seperated and she just now tried to get back to him (hence the request about the names on the list) and was a bit worried, when it turned out that Jamie’s name wasn’t on it and when Claire stated that he died at Culloden. Because that would have meant that they only had have had two years together and I wasn’t ready to accept that, OTP and all.

I also remember being confused about Brianna’s age and the timeline, because Claire had been pregnant in early 1744 and pregnant when she returned in 1948 and it just didn’t make any sense to me at the beginning of the book. Jamie’s gravestone at St. Kilda’s didn’t make any sense to me either, just like it didn’t to Claire, but at least that will be explained later on in the story. I will comment on that when the time comes (and I hope I will remember to do it then).

Roger and Brianna’s visit to Culloden Field brought back so many wonderful memories for me too, as I have been there last year myself.

I’ve never been a fan of the present time part of the Outlander canon, probably because Jamie isn’t it :-). So I’m glad that the audiobook and I returned to the 18th century last night.

As this part takes place in 1968, Jamie wasn’t in it, except for being mentioned or be a part of Claire’s dreams, so he didn’t really have anything to say. Sadly. But there will be a lot of it in Part 2…

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