Outlines of Unwritten Blog Posts…

Every once in a while I have this idea for a blog post, something I want to share or something I want to whine about or something I have experienced or am experiencing… But I never get around to actually write about one or two or all of these “somethings”. Why? Because

  • I’m either too busy (or I think I am) or
  • I’m exhausted and just want to vegetate on my couch (most evenings recently) or
  • I’m not sure how to express what I want to say (sometimes because I’m not yet sure what I actually really want to say) or
  • I’m not sure anyone would actually care about what I write so why spend time and effort on it in the first place (Yeah, my self-esteem still is kind of in shambles more often than not) or…

There are probably tons of more reasons why I haven’t written a decent blog post in ages. As much as I want to in some way chronicle my Outlander Audiobook project, only writing about that feels like cheating and boring and the way I did it so far was tedious anyway. That will change as well. Probably.
Anyway, I thought I’d start my new attempt at blogging with a summary of a few of the post ideas that have been bumbling in my head. And some other random stuff too :-)

Use of Social Media
Last week two posts I had read resonated very much with me. Namely, this one (in German) and this one (in English). I haven’t left a comment on either one (Yes, I’m lazy about leaving comments these days, too), but the posts were about how we use social media and if it’s really enriching our lifes or rather the opposite. Do we spend too much time online following the online lifes of other people instead of meeting people in real life and spend time with them face-to-face?
The post made me pause and think about how I use Twitter and Facebook and how it changes over time.  In short: I hardly use Facebook, because I just don’t like it, but I instead got a 3rd (this time offical, with my real name) account on Twitter, which has something to do with my plan to maybe leave Facebook altogether. I don’t use Twitter as acitively or exessively as I used to a few years ago though. I should definitely write a real post about all of this one day :-)

Weird Winter Weather
We had 10cm (4 inches) of snow last night/this morning. Traffic was a disaster and it took me 2 hours to get to work instead of the 45 minutes the drive usually takes. It was lovely to be out around noon though, with the sun shining (and the snow already melting and dropping down from the trees *g*). I guess it will be back to normal tomorrow or the day after.

Gangster Squad / Ryan Gosling
Watched that movie last night and basically enjoyed it a lot. There was too much violence in a few of the scenes, but Ryan Gosling made up for it in the other scenes of the movie. I really like him a lot. Like A LOT. That’s why I have pictured and continue to picture him as the one main character in my NaNoWriMo project “Fire & Ice”, which still waits to be worked on again. The other guy is Patrick Dempsey, so imagine the fun I have when I picture those two together in my head.

Fire & Ice / Diana Gabaldon E-Book on How to write decent sex scenes
Before I continue to write more of this novel maybe I should wait on Diana Gabaldon’s eBook on how to write decent sex scenes. The few tidbits (like chapter titles) I read on her Compuserve Forum (thanks to Outlandish Observations) so far are very promising. And I really need some pointers on how to write male gay sex without having experienced it myself. Not being male, not being gay and all.

Vacation in the near future
I’ll be on vacation from work the first two weeks of March. Hallelujah! Actually I’ve already got Friday, the 1st of March off and I’m very much looking forward to it. I’ll be in Hamburg for a few days, but haven’t got anything else planned yet. I don’t have the money for a real vacation anyway and I need these days off to be able to work on other stuff for a few hours each day. Like “Fire & Ice” but more and most importantly to finish the grad assignment that’s due in early April and which I haven’t really started on working yet.

Grad School Assignment
It’s the last course I had to take and I flunked the assignment once already, because I was just too busy to work on it, with getting the new job, having to buy a car, finish up my work in the old job and all. But I also didn’t work on it for the last couple of months because I’m too exhausted from my long days at work when I get home at night and the weekends are filled with other stuff I didn’t get done during the week.
I also need to find a topic for a longer termpaper and of course my master thesis afterwards and at the moment I still have no idea what to write about.

750 Words and Health Month
15 years ago, when I was still very insecure (more than now) and angry and confused about what to do with my life and all that stuff you go through when you’re in your early twenties, I came across “The Artists Way” and I did the Morning Pages exercise for a while. When I saw some digital version of it mentioned on Cheney’s blog I thought I should give it a try and I’m loving it. The site is 750words.com.
Yes, I could do the morning pages offline on paper or even digital in a text file instead of writing it online – on a protected site, but online nonetheless. But in this case I’m not even concerned about privacy, because even if this site is hacked one day it’s just the random stream of consciousness I’m typing away on m netbook keyboard and into my 750words cloud. What I like about the site is the award system and the badges and all.
The creator of this site also started another site Health Month, which does help – me at least – with following certain rules (health, exercise or lifestyle wise), because it also works with points and badges and all that stuff. I seem to thrive on that. At least a little bit. I would love to start an own team for this “game” but I’m not sure if I’d get enough team mates. Anyone of you caring to check out the site :-)? I named the team *Choose To Be…*, but at the moment I also joined another team, because being a one-person-team is not much fun, is it?

° ° ° °

Outlander Chronicles 2013
Day 22| finished with Audiobook: Outlander

I have really come up with another way to do these chronicles, like I mentioned above. Maybe I’ll only do a post once a week or do it after a certain amount of chapters? What about new “categories”, like “People we meet” or “Medical procedures Claire performs” :-)?
I’d love to keep quoting my favourite parts of what Jamie says, but there are too many nice or important scenes to choose from. So I don’t know what I’m going to do during book 2, which I will start listening to tomorrow.

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  1. I can not believe this – but I did not realize that YOU HAD A BLOG!!
    I have no idea how I did not know this.

    Out of all of the social media platforms twitter is my favorite and facebook is my LEAST favorite.

    I love twitter because it allows me to connect with dear friends, meet new friends, and learn about the world in the way that I would not be able to anywhere else in the world.

  2. liljan98 says:

    My blog flies under most radars, I guess :-) I don’t post that much and I don’t really promote it. Anyway, thanks for checking in.
    Nice to know that there are other people who prefer Twitter over Facebook. I totally agree that it’s so much easier to meet new folks or to learn new things via twitter than via FB. At least that’s my experience as well

  3. Hope says:

    All of my half finished blog posts are still in my head. :p

  4. James Lara says:

    Thanks For sharing this information. It’s Nice..!!!

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