Just Checking In…

I’m writing this while sitting on my hostel bed, listening to The Killers on my iPod and getting really excited for the concert, which will start in 2.5 hours. I’ve taken a sneak at the setlist from an earlier concert from this tour and that confirmed to me that they won’t be playing my favourite song, which was reason enough to listen to it a few times in a row, just to make up for that ;-)
I had a rather uneventful day in Hamburg today, just strolled around, a bit aimlessly I admit and a lot of times the crowds of people just bothered me. There was heavy fog here this morning and it was freezing so I started the day at the Miniatur Wonderland and even though I’m not a fan of miniatur railways, this exhibition is quite impressive. I was stupid enough to forget to take my camera, so I only took a few photos with my camera, and that camera isn’t the best. I might share some of those later this week.
I also took photos (with my real camera) at the hockey game yesterday, where my seat was directly behind the team’s bench. My team lost (rightfully) but at least to be so close up is always very interesting and exciting. I didn’t take a lot photos though because it felt almost intrusive, because I was sitting so close. But I took a few. And it’s just cool to see the coach and players interact with each other from just two feet away. I think it was a good thing that the referee was farther away most of the time, so he probably didn’t hear our coach scream “Fuck you” after one of the referee’s questionable decisions :-)

I drowned my sorrow over the game with a large and I mean LARGE cocktail and some yummy food followed by Ben&Jerry’s for dessert last night. I shared photos on twitter and might add these to this post once I’m back home.
Tomorrow I’m planning to visit two museums (photography and paintings) which were closed today (a lot of museums are closed on Mondays in Germany) and in the afternoon I’m meeting @Deichkind77 for coffee and probably some food before I’m already boarding my train back home in the early evening. But at home I’ve still got 1.5 weeks of vacation left and I’m planning to use them well :-)

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