Procrastination and The Big Band Theory

I am the Queen of Procrastination. Seriously! I have no idea how this day has passed without me doing anything useful. Or not the many useful and needed things I wanted to do. I mostly blame my lack of self-control and Anne Perry for creating William and Hester Monk, because I just couldn’t put down the Monk novel The Shifting Tide which I had started reading only two days ago. And I’ve got the next one on my Kindle already, I’m a hopeless case, really. I’m determined to work diligently and hopefully effectively on my grad school assignment tomorrow, because that’s what I had planned for today after all.

Last night I saw one of my favourite bands, Sunrise Avenue in concert once again on their Big Band Theory tour. I had a great time, like I always have at their shows and I’ve seen more than a dozen by now, I think. But I admit that I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the Big Band idea, which included additional percussions and three guys playing various brass instruments. Some of the arrangements were awesome, but some of the songs didn’t sound so much different than the version the band usually plays. At some point I almost felt bad for the brass band guys, because the other instruments – electric guitar in particular – was so dominant that the brass instruments weren’t noticable. I also wasn’t the biggest fan of all the songs they had chosen to play on this tour, because I think a few other songs would have fit much better for the big band concept.

I realize this all sounds like I didn’t like the show, which would give the wrong impression, because I did have a wonderful time at the concert. Maybe my expectations were just a bit different, but it was fun to see regardless. And there were a lot of pretty great moments: like the crowd singing the first verse of Hollywood Hills, the medley during Destiny (which included Live and Let Die!), that they played Happiness again, the acapella version of Bye-Bye and of course The Blues Brothers at the end. And no matter if he’s with a Big Band, the regular band or at an acoustic tour, Samu Haber’s voice is to die for. Seriously, probably my favourite male singer’s voice ever. Also my favourite male guy talking voice. He could read the phonebook to me and I’d be in heaven ;-)

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2 Responses to Procrastination and The Big Band Theory

  1. Tinaskywalker says:

    Das hast du schön gesagt: Samu Haber’s voice is to die for… Ich würde dann auch gern eine Kopie von Hörbuch “Phonebook” haben. :)

  2. liljan98 says:

    wenn der mal keine Lust mehr auf Musik hat kann er als Vorleser wirklich immer noch Karriere machen, das ist echt unglaublich :-)

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