Fun Packed Weekend

Before I’m even more busy or exhausted (or both) on the next few nights I’ll use that change to write about the fun-packed weekend.
On Saturday I met friends for an early dinner and then we went to see The Rocky Horrror Show¬†at the local theatre. I called it the Rocky Horror Picture Show in my last post, which was not quite right, because of course that’s the title of the movie version. I guess it’s just that the movie is what comes to my mind first, even though I’ve only seen it once and that’s been over 20 years ago. Back then at highschool one of our theatre classed decided to do a musical for a change and they used a few songs from the Rocky Horror Show and I think that’s why one summer we went to a open air movie festival at a park where they showed the movie.
I admit I don’t remember much of the story besides the basic plot and of course the songs. I don’t even remember how much of the toiletpaper, rice, toast, waterguns stuff was going on at that open air screening back then. And I definitely didn’t remember all the sexual stuff of this story. It’s from the 70s after all.

At the theatre on Saturday everyone could purchase a small bag that contained the most neccessary items for the show *g*. And what can I say? We had a blast right from the start. If you haven’t seen the show at a theatre yet, I can highly recommend it. Even without recalling much of the movie experience I’d say it’s more fun to see it performed on stage, because it’s closer and it’s just more real. Well, as real as a play acted out on stage can be. But the experience is just so much more immediate.
I can say that at least for row 3, where we were sitting. Very early in the play (after the car broke down) the spotlight changed from the stage to our row, because on their way to the castle, they walk through our row *g*.
Later on we in the front rows were covered in toiletpaper of course, which at one point sent me into an almost hysterical fit of laughter, because it was just hilarious. But I guess you have to had been there to get why it was so funny. Or to experience it at another theatre one day yourself.

I used the intermission to snap a photo of our row and to get the rice out of my shoe *g*

The big grin reappeared on my face at home later that night, when I undressed and there was still more rice hitting the floor with soft “plings”. Seriously, such a entertaining night full of laughter and just plain fun.

The other fun event on the schedule was the third hockey game of the playoff semi finals (best-of-5 modus). My team, the Cologne Sharks had won the first two games and only needed that one victory at a home game to proceed to the final. And what can I say, they did it. Smoothly, like a “big red machine” *g*
They had 4:1 lead with 11 minutes to go in the last period, when my friend and I decided to leave the arena early and get into the line at the ticket office outside. They didn’t start selling tickets before the game was over of course, but there already were quite a lot of fans waiting, so it was a good thing that we joined them this early. Because 15 minutes later, when the game had ended the line had grown considerably and we would have had to wait hours before we could get a ticket and then probably only the crappy seats way up in the arena.
Now we’ve got great seats for the first game and standing room tickets for the second home game, because we want to meet up with other hockey friends then, who prefer the cheaper standing room tickets.

I’m not sure yet how optimistic and hopeful I want myself allow to be for this playoff final. We’re playing against Berlin, which is the most successful team in our league and which has won the championship like 8 out of 10 times in the last decade. We’ve lost a final against them in 2008, so I’m just not sure yet how high my hopes should go. I want my team to be succesful every year, but I would really, really, really like my team to win this year, because the club celebrates it’s 40th birthday this season and it would be very cool to end it with the championship.

The first game will be Sunday afternoon and I’ll most probably be tweeting about it then…

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