Just a Few Hockey Photos

When I checked the photos I took at the Cologne Sharks’ season farewell party, I realized there were still photos on it from the hockey game in Hamburg in March. Neither set of photos are any special, but I wanted to share them nonetheless. Even if to just prove that I had great seats, directly behind the player’s bench in Hamburg.

Cologne lost against Berlin in the playoff finals this year, which sucked, because losing the championship to Berlin sucks even more than losing it to any other team. Well, maybe except for the DEG, but they had no shot at the cup this year.
So, yeah, losing the finals sucked, but all things considered, we had a great season. I honestly didn’t expect the season to go so well, because the past few seasons (from 2008 on) were really bad ones in which it wasn’t a lot of fun to be a hockey fan in Cologne. But this year had been a great one. And it had been a special one, as the club celebrated it’s 40th birthday. We saw some great games, the anniversary game was fun and so was the farewell party. Most of the players will stay in Cologne which makes me really hopeful for next season, because it’s great team, with excellent players and an amazing team spirit.

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