The Comfort of the Familiar

Yet another blog post from me, I seem to be on a roll here. Even though I’m not quite sure who’s even reading this. I shouldn’t really pay attention to the blog statistics, because I didn’t start this blog (or it’s predecessors, to be precise) for a certain readership. I started it to to have place to just put down some thoughts about some stuff. Yes, publicly, instead of just putting it all in a private journal, because I wanted to share these thoughts with someone. To share these thoughts with online friends I know and maybe even with people I don’t know (yet). To just put it out there.
After all these years of blogging I still haven’t really figured out why I wanted to share some stuff online though, because in my offline life (so to speak) I’m not someone who easily shares “private” stuff with strangers. Unlike some random people who sit next to you on the subway and in 10 minutes it takes to get to your destination have told you the story of their life :-)

Anyway, I’m digressing. So, I still haven’t figured out what exactly do with this blog these days. Maybe I shouldn’t put any pressure on myself to do anything special with it. It never has been a special interest blog after all, just a place for some random thoughts of mine. Maybe I’m all thought out by now? I hope not. Nowadays there is just little room left besides work for other (interesting) stuff to happen in my life. Or if there is then most of the times I’m too exhausted to write about it afterwards.

I think I’ve mentioned how exhausted I am these days quite enough in these last few posts. It’s strange, because I didn’t feel like this when the huge change (full time job etc.) actually start to take place last fall. Maybe the adrenalin of the new-ness of it all made up for it. In 2013 the demands of the job, which I still like very very much by the way, might be taken their toll. There also was a long, dark, cold winter and not that much sun and light yet.
The huge change might also be the reason why these days I seem to prefer the familiar stuff over the unfamiliar. The known over the unknown. I’ve always been the cautious type who didn’t on a whim enter into the unexplored land of the unfamiliar. Whether that’s in life choices or vacation destinations or food or the question of what TV shows to watch :-) Most of the times I like to know what I’m letting myself get into. I like to know my way around things. I really just like the familiarity of things.
These past few weeks I’ve noticed that especially in regards to entertainment (TV, books, music) I’m even much more into familiar things and have no desire to give new stuff a try than before. I haven’t picked up a new novel in weeks and even the last ones I read were parts of a novel series, which once I started to read of course felt all very familiar. I prefer to listen to the Outlander audiobooks these days, even though I already now the complete saga quite well by now.
Over the last few weeks a lot of new TV shows also have been recommended to me, but I prefer to re-watch the Gilmore Girls instead, because I know them and I know that I like them. I honestly don’t feel the desire to give a new novel or TV show a try. I hope the desire for all the familiar stuff is really just the way my mind comes to terms with the huge changes the job caused in my life. Otherwise I maybe should have my head examined, because I used to like trying out new TV shows ;-)

Or maybe I’m just lacking Vitamine D and sunlight and fresh air, because it just hadn’t been really outdoor weather for months now. I try to get out regularily during my lunch break, but that’s probably not enough. I can’t wait for the summer or at least a nice spring to finally arrive here in Germany.
I plan to buy a new good bike this spring, because I really have to get back into the doing more healthy stuff and be more active. And cycling is about the only sport I really enjoy doing, so I want to get back to doing it and to enjoy it. For that I really really need a new and good bike. I have set my eyes on one in our local bike shop and now that I’ve got the money from my tax return back, I can afford to buy it. Or not really afford it, because I could also use that money for other stuff like saving for a real vacation and all. But I think the bike and starting to get more active and healthy should be a priority right now and thus the money will go to the bike. Once I find the time to actually get back to the shop and take the bike for a short test drive. Next weekend, hopefully.

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