A Year Ago Today…

On 21 May 2012 I went to a job interview; the first job interview for me in years. It was for a job I really would have loved to get and… well, I did get it. Wooohooo!
I’ve started working in this job in September which is almost 3/4 year ago. Unbelievable. And looking back on this year now is a very weird feeling. On the one hand I can’t believe a whole year has already passed. On the other hand I can’t imagine working in the previous job any more. It’s been a huge change and definitely all for the better, even though I still sometimes feel overwhelmed and unprepared and inept for this job. But hey, that’s just me and I did/do that with almost everything I do, so that’s nothing unusual after all :-).

I feel like the anniversary of the date that brought such a monumental change in my life deserves some kind of celebration, but this blog post will have to suffice, because I’m too groggy for anything that resembles some kind of celebration. It was the first day at work after a long weekend and the first day of work in a new week always makes me groggy. Previous job or current job, I’m just not a Monday (first day of a week) kind of girl :-)

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