Jumble of Thoughts 014

I so needed this weekend. I needed this time to chill and just do nothing. Except for cleaning my apartment (more or less thoroughly), getting groceries, doing the laundry, catching up with Grey’s and playing game after game of the 2 minutes challenge of Triple Town. I’m definitely addicted to that game on my phone at the moment. It’s pathetic. In the hours between writing this post (Saturday night) and posting it (Sunday around noon) I discovered another equally addictive game for my phone. Please send help! :-)

Besides all the stuff mentioned above, I’m still trying to recover from a stupid bronchitis, which started as a annoying, but ordinary cold last week. I had a persistent cough last weekend already, but I thought it would go away like most ordinary colds do. But it obviously didn’t. I don’t have the wet cough which I usually experience when I’ve got bronchitis, but on Friday my GP diagnosed bronchitis nonetheless. What was troubling me this time were bronchospasms of some sort, which I hadn’t experienced before. I got some meds for it and last night it felt like it was getting better, but this morning I’m not so sure *sigh* I sometimes sound like I’ve spent decades working in a coal mine, coughing and wheezing. It’s annoying.

° ° ° °

Work was busy all week and some things didn’t work out as planned and of course I immediately started blaming myself for what didn’t work out and was wondering what I did wrong so things didn’t work out. I really wish I would learn to not act that way and to not immediately think I’m at fault. But that’s easier said than done.

° ° ° °

The IHHF World Championship of Hockey started in Helsinki, Finland on Friday. Germany played against host Finland in the evening and I admit I expected my team to get steam-rolled by the Finns. But they stood their ground and even managed to get in the lead, a few minutes before the end, which was a very exhilarating feeling :-) Unfortunately Finland scored again and then won in overtime. But it was still great to see that Team Germany playing well and having the chance to beat Finland. Now they just need to stay out of the penalty box in the next games, because they took too many penalties in this first game. It was nerve wrecking.

° ° ° °

May 1st is a public holiday in Germany (and most of Europe, I guess) which I spend visiting friends, who live a 1-hour-drive away. It’s not that far, but with all of our lives being so busy we usually only see us a few times during the year. But when we do, we usually spend the whole day or at least long nights with each other to make up for it. We spend the afternoon in the zoo and had wonderful time all around, with a yummy breakfast in the late morning and a nice dinner in the evening. The only thing that disturbed parts of that day was my coughing and wheezing :-)

I had planned to end this post with pictures from the zoo, but sorting them and all took longer than planned and thus the photos will follow later today. I’m planning to spend some time in my Mom’s garden before Bro3 and I will watch the second game of Team Germany together this afternoon.

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