Photos From the Zoo

10 days ago I spent a very nice day at the zoo and since then had wanted to share photos. I had already sorted through them and uploaded them to this blog, but then never got around to finish the process of tagging and sharing them.
I had either a lot of other stuff on my mind or was too exhausted (my mind, most of all, probably from all that other stuff, work and all) to do anything else then vegetate on the couch in front of my TV. I really don’t like this tendency of mine to shut down and vegetate when things get busy or overwhelming. But as spring seems to have finally arrived here in Germany (and hopefully will stay for a while until summer will take its place) my mood and energy seemed to have picked up a bit.
I plan to do a lot more of geocaching, which I have woefully neglected last year and this afternoon I’m finally going to buy a new bike. I had already picked it out a few weeks ago and yesterday finally took it for a short test drive on the shop’s lot. This afternoon I can pick it up and then Bro3 will just have to mount the cyclo computer, the water bottle holders (or whatever those are called) from my old and rusty bike to the new bike and then I’m hopefully good to go on some bike rides next week. The old bike had a soft cushioned saddle, which the new one doesn’t, so the first few rides won’t be too long, so my backside can get used it :-)

Anyway, here are the zoo photos (just click to enlarge)

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