Scotland in August 2012, Day 07

So, I remembered that there were still tons of photos from my Scotland trip on my hard drive, which I haven’t posted yet. Yes, posting them 9 months after the trip is actually kind of pathetic and maybe I should have dropped the doing it day by day thing and just pick a few of the best ones and do it all in one post.
I pondered that after I had already worked on the bunch of photos from day 07, so maybe I’ll do that with the rest of the photos. Or maybe not ;-) I’m kind of a weird mood today, hopefully it’s just the weather dragging me down. Anyway, here’s the next batch of photos

Day 07: 18 August, Isle of Skye
We stayed on Skye for two nights, so we had a full day to tour the island which is a pretty island with lots of great spots to visit, but unfortunately it was foggy for a while, so we had to miss out on some stuff. The Old Man of Store for instance. It’s visible in one of the photos, but just barely.
We still had a great time, because the scenery was just so different from what we see around here in central Europe. Did I mention in one of my previous Scotland posts that one of the most marvellous things about this trip was to see how different the sky and the clouds are in Scotland? And not just different from Germany, but even within Scotland there was such a variety of clouds and sky. Does that make any sense? Maybe not. I guess you had to be there to see it :-)

On Skye we also saw the grave of Flora McDonald, but I included those photos in my first post about all things Scottish Outlander just a few weeks after the trip, so I didn’t include them this time.

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