Scotland in August 2012, Day 08

Day 08: 19 August, Isle of Skye – Fort William
Before we left Isle of Skye, we went back to the Old Man of Storr in hopes of getting a better picture. We even walked up the hill a bit in hopes of getting a better view, but the clouds and the fog returned, so we turned back around and drove to the south east coast of the island to take the ferry back to the mainland. It was a lovely drive with lots of sheep all around *g* and we got a great view of the coast from the ferry .

Back on the mainland we headed even further inland to Fort William, but we made a stop at Glenfinnan. One of the two main attractions there is the Glenfinnan monument, which I had already mentioned in my All Things Scotland Post. The other attraction, is the Glenfinann viaduct, which some of you might remember from the Harry Potter movies, because the Hogwarts Express crosses it on the way up north :-)

We continued on till Fort William, where we stayed for two nights as well, in a very lovely B&B a bit south of the city centre, at the shores of the Loch Linnhe. We spend the evening strolling around the tiny city centre, with a lot of tourist shops and pubs and restaurants and once again were blessed with an amazing sunset over the loch.

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