Guitars and Drums and Desperate Poetry…

[ Alternative Title “How to get from catching the end of an unknown-to-me singer’s live performance on TV to buying a ticket for his show within 48 hours” :-)]

If you follow me on Twitter you might have read some tweets and a YT link to a song “I Still Believe” from Frank Turner. I heard the song for the first time on Sunday afternoon, on Monday I was on iTunes buying all of his five albums and on Tuesday I read his tweet about concerts in Germany in the fall and hurried to buy a ticket.
So, yeah, I’m definitely hooked on his music by now and it makes me happy, because I’m always happy when find a “new” singer/band and when I can discover a whole new world of melodies and beats and thoughts and wisdom and beautiful words…. Guitars and drums and desperate poetry.

Ok, I admit even if I wouldn’t like a lot of his other songs I would have willingly paid the 25 EUR for the concert ticket just to sing “I Still Believe” from the top of my lungs with the crowd. It’s definitely going to be my summer of 2013 song, i.e. I will always remember this summer as the time I heard this song first.

So, what’s so special about this song? I think the beat and tempo get me hooked first, when I caught it at the end of Frank Turner’s set during the TV coverage of the Southside Festival on Sunday afternoon. He was rocking it and I liked that a lot. And then I listened to the lyrics and I was quite in awe because it sums up what music is all about and what it means. Or what it can mean, because I know it’s different for everyone. Anyway the song sums up what I know music sometimes means to me

Now who’d have thought that after all,
Something as simple as rock ‘n’ roll would save us all.

Whether it really has to be rock’n’roll to be the saviour might be up for debate, it also could be folk or pop or jazz or punk or anything. It just has to be music, I think. At least I’m convinced that music, any kind of music, does help when you’re feeling down.

And I still believe (I still believe) in the sound,
That has the power to raise a temple and tear it down.

I share that believe that some songs or the emotion they evoke have that power. Not quite literally, but… you know. Anyway, I do like the image these words create in my mind.

And I still believe (I still believe) in the need,
For guitars and drums and desperate poetry.

Well, sometimes songs have to have crashing guitars and drums. *g* There is no rocking song without a beat, is there? And I have to say I really enjoy Frank Turners way with words, not just in this song, but also in a few others whose lyrics have caught my attention. Lyrics are poetry, after all…

And I still believe (I still believe) that everyone,
Can find a song for every time they’ve lost and every time they’ve won.

Yeah, absolutely. Songs which touch people emotionally because the song captures the mood they are in. Songs which can express these people’s feelings and thoughts much better than they could express it themselves. I know that some people don’t care about music all that much and that they don’t have these kind of songs. But I also admit that these people baffles me. Because I’m wired completely different. Obviously :-)

And 13 weeks from now I’ll be in the crowd at a Frank Turner’s concert, dancing, rocking, singing and hopefully having a great time. I can’t wait. Because, seriously, how can you not jump up and “dance it out” as Meredith Grey would say it, when you hear this song…?

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