Scotland in August 2012, Day 11 + 12

Day 11: 22 August, The Trossachs
We spent the day driving around the Trossachs Nationalpark, stopping at lochs and villages and churches. I obviously didn’t take that many photos that day, but here are a few.

The movie “The America President” starring Michael Douglas and Annette Benning is one of my alltime favourites and I have watched it dozens of times since it’s release 18 years ago. One of the (useless) facts I learned from this movies is the “Hail to the chief”¬†tune, which is featured in a funny scene between the president and his daughter.
So, of course, I got a kick out of this sign at Loch Katrine, explaining the connection between the lake, Sir Walter Scott’s poem “The Lady of the Lake”¬†(which is set in the Trossachs) and this particular anthem.

Day 12: 23 August, Callander – Stirling – Galashiels
On our last-but-one day in Scotland we covered quite the distance from the Trossachs down to the border region, but not without stopping in Stirling, mainly to visit the castle, of course, but we also strolled around the city for a while as well. The photos are mostly from the castle, though :-)
I’ve been there in 2009 as well, but there have been quite some renovation and restauration going on, I think. At least parts of the castle looked redone to me. Anyway, it’s a interesting place to visit, lots of information on Scottish history, as Stirling castle has been home of the Scottish kings for centuries.

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