Ramblings About Vacation, a Health Scare And a Scottish Lad Named Sam…

So, I’ve returned from my trip to the Baltic Sea coast, where I had a wonderful, relaxing time. I didn’t take that many photos, because a) I forgot to take the charger for my camera and b) I was too lazy most of the time *g*
Later on I might share some of the few photos I took. Or maybe I won’t. When I think how long it took me to post the photos from the much more exciting and diverse trip to Scotland last year, I guess I probably won’t get around to sharing the photos of a pretty boring, but nonetheless relaxing beach vacation *g*.

Unfortunately I didn’t feel relaxed for long once I got back home. Downside of coming back from a vacation in general? Maybe. But on my last day at my vacation home I already got mails from my fellow Greens about a hot political topic in our hometown, which we needed to react to in some way. So that kept me busy most of yesterday (I returned on Monday evening) and last night.

In fact I didn’t send out the statement until 2 AM this morning. Part of that was due to serious computer problems, which always happen at the most inopportune time, right? But mostly it was due to me spending hours with my Mum at the ER until they wheeled her away for surgery around midnight, because of an acute arterial embolism in her right arm.

She’s doing ok now today, but it was still an awful evening last night, with lots of worries and waiting and trying to stay calm and trying to keep her calm and everything. The medical staff were all great though, so no complaints about anything from my side, quite the opposite. This afternoon she was transferred to a partner hospital, because they’ve got a better cardiology unit plus a doctor who is both specialized in cardiology and angiology, and hopefully he or his team will have an idea how she had two bloodclots blocking her arteries within half a year, even though she’s is on various meds to prevent her blood from clotting because of her whole history of heart disease.

And boy, as much as I like to bitch about what’s seriously wrong with the German healthcare system, I still appreciate the fact, that basically it is a pretty awesome system. In which you can call an ambulance and take your mother to the ER and have her get lifesaving (yeah, actually probably was) surgery with a couple of hours and not have to worry about how on earth you will ever be able to pay the hospital bills. So, yeah, one of those days I’m happy to live in what the GOP called “socialists European countries” before the election in the USA in 2012.

As weird as it may sound, it also proved to be a good thing (in hindsight) that my Mum and we with her had already been in the he same scary situation at Christmas. Because of the symptoms we already suspected the same and thus got her to right treatment fast enough and we didn’t waste any time. But still scary stuff once again.

But last night also had a really really bright side, because on Twitter I got a reply from Sam Heughan! *squee* Oh wait, that should actually be a SQUEEEEEEEE!

“Sam WHO?” you might ask? Well, expect to read and see more – much more – about Sam Heughan on this blog from this day on forward. Because he has been cast to play my all-time favourite fictional character Jamie Fraser (I think, I mentioned him often enough here) on the upcoming TV series of “Outlander”.

I admit my biggest fear in regards to this TV series was, that they’d choose an actor, who doesn’t resemble the image I have of Jamie. To complicate matters I admit, that I didn’t even have a clear image of Jamie Fraser in my mind. But I was convinced that I’d be able to say if this or that guy looks like Jamie or not. Yes, I know that statement lacks logic, but I don’t care.
Anyway, over the weekend it became clearer and clearer that Sam Heughan had been cast as Jamie and from the first images and youtube clips I definitely could picture him to “be” Jamie.

And then Diana Gabaldon posted her view on things on her Facebook page and her absolute 10000% endorsement of this casting choice, definitely got me on board. She’s the only one who really knows what Jamie Fraser looks like and if she says, Sam IS Jamie, then he is.
But seriously, I totally supported that choice from what I’ve seen of him so far. And how could I not? He’s young (check!), he’s tall (check!), he’s a Scot (check!), he’s handsome (CHECK!) and from what I saw on youtube so far he’s a very fine actor (check). What’s not to love about this choice and about this guy?

Yesterday there was the official press release that Sam Heughan had been given the part and I think around the same time Sam started interacting with fans on Twitter even though he’s working on a movie in Norway at the moment. I was even more thrilled to see that besides all the attributes mentioned above he obviously also is a great guy with a fine sense of humour, humble, open and very kind. He also seems really dedicated to the Outlander story and very excited to be a part of making it come alive.

So, after the crappy day I had yesterday I went on Twitter and posted this:


Imagine my utter shock and awe and #heartflutter when I read this in my timeline about an hour later (and yes, I was still awake at that time *sigh*)


So very, very sweet. When I tweeted about my Mum being ok in the morning (and included the line “I guess @heughan’s good wishes helped”) he replied to that one too.

How incredibly awesome is that? Yeah, right, pretty fucking, incredibly awesome.

As you can see, my Jamie Fraser infatuation now seems to involve the actor who’s going to play him on TV. Because seriously, Sam really seems like such a great guy. And I’m so so thrilled to see and read much more of him in the next few years. Hopefully years and not just in 2014 as I really hope and wish that the first season of the Outlander TV series will be a success and that we’ll see the whole epic story unfold over the years. Years of Sam Heughan on my TV screen. I can’t wait.

And now I really have to keep my desire to stalk his Twitter account a bit more in check, I think. Or… maybe not *g*?

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