Outlander Chronicles 2013, Day 176

Outlander Chronicles 2013
Day 176 | Book 5: The Fiery Cross | Part Eight: A Dangerous Business | Chapter 109: The Voice of Time

With all the “real” Outlander stuff going on, i.e. the TV series and the casting and the filming actually having started two weeks ago and and and… well, let’s say my “Listen to all Outlander audiobooks” quest was put on the backburner for a bit. Add my love for Frank Turner’s music and there’s the explanation why the audiobooks weren’t played on my iPod much these past few weeks or even months. I’m trying to change that, especially as I’m close to the end of audiobook nr. 5 (“The Fiery Cross”) and hopefully there’ll be a fresh start with more regular comments/blog posts about it with the remaining two.

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Jemmy is now old enough to talk, at least a little bit, and Davina Porter is doing such a wonderful job giving him his unique little boy’s voice. He’s adorable.

Over the last few chapters I was wondering if Ian were to return in this book or the next and I admit last night I pulled the book from the shelf and skimmed the remaining chapters to find the answer. Only to realize I would have just waited a few more minutes listening the the audiobook to get to the scene. Ian is home! Yay! I’ve missed him.

I also remember the utter shock when Ian, Jamie and Claire were reading the book he brought back with him and the report of Otter Tooth and the others who came with him to the 18th century. I knew Claire hadn’t been the only one, there was Geillis after all, but still…

In that context one my favourite line of this chapter belongs to Ian.

“Mmphm,” Ian said, and then his face lighted with an expression of profound satisfaction. “I knew ye weren’t a fairy, Auntie Claire!”

And I had to add another one after listening to the rest of the chapter while preparing dinner, but that needs a bit of introduction. After Claire explained that the ability to roll the tongue into a cylinder is a genetic trait and it turns out that both Roger and Bree don’t have that gene, Jamie – without thinking about the consequences – asks Jemmy if he can roll his tongue. If he could, it obviously would prove that Roger isn’t Jemmy’s dad, but Stephen Bonnet. After a short moment of shocked silence Roger himself asks Jemmy again to do it and as it turns out the boy can’t roll his tongue, which added to Jemmy’s ability to feel and hear the rocks, is another pretty solid proof that Roger is indeed Jemmy’s father.

Jemmy, oblivous, swung his legs up, his weight suspended momentarily from Roger’s and Jamie’s hands, then stomped his feet down on the floor again, recalling his original question.
“Grand-da gots balls?” he asked, pulling on the men’s hands and tilting his head far back up to look up at Jamie.
“Aye, lad, I have,” Jamie said dryly. “But your Da’s are bigger. Come on then.”

[Quotes are from “The Fiery Cross” by Diana Gabaldon, Copyright© 2001 by Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved.]

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