Outlander Chronicles 2013, Day 195

I’m rather behind in my plan to listen to all the Outlander audiobooks this year and even worse in posting about it. I will try to write a bit more often about it for the rest of the year, or at least about my favourite Jamie moments, you kow the typical Jamie-isms :-). I know I didn’t come up with this term and it’s been used on other blogs, but that’s no reason to not use it anyway.

Outlander Chronicles 2013
Day 199 | Audiobook: A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Book 6) | Part Two: A Gathering of Shadows | Chapter 08: Victims of a Massacre

The last chapter I listened to was “Jamie Fraser, Indian Agent” and it had so many wonderful Jamie moments. Well it’s just Jamie and Claire in their bedroom, so *g*

His new function reminds Claire of Wild West TV shows, which leads to one of the many adorable moments whenever Jamie is confronted with things from the 20th century.

I really enjoyed listening to this chapter, because it’s so much about who Jamie is at his core: A man with a sense of humor, but also a warrior. A man of honour and loyalty and infinitve love for his wife and his family.

And then he takes his wife to bed and Diana Gabaldon is really good at writing about that.

° ° ° °

Last week I also started reading Outlander (Book 1) again. It started with something like #BookLoverDay on Twitter and I was out of good new reading material, so why not return to this one ;-)? I skimmed through it this summer, when Sam Heughan was officially announced as Jamie Fraser.

This time I’m planning to read all of it again and with most of the major characters by now cast for the TV show it’s been another new, very rewarding experience. I mentioned it before I didn’t really have a clear visual image of those characters in my head. I don’t think I would have been able to compose a photofit picture of Jamie before Sam had been cast :-) The same goes for Claire and Frank/BJR, Douglas, Collum and everyone else. It’s fun reading it and being able to put face to the names.

Of course there were a lot of Jamie-isms so far as well. I mentioned most of them in earlier posts of the Chronicles series. Most memorable from the top of my head and not mentioned in the old posts, I think: “Why not me?” when Claire asks him, why he took the punishment for Laoghaire.
And Jamie is just such a kind, honorable, funny young man, that I’m falling for him all over again every time I’m reading this book. I can’t even imagine how I’ll react to the TV series and Sam Heughan in all his glory *sigh*

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