Jamie Fraser’s Violence

I guess almost every Outlander or to be more precise every Jamie Fraser fan has at least once thought or said “I wish I had a husband/boyfriend like him.” Because, let’s be honest, despite all his flaws we do consider him to be THE perfect guy.
This week I’ve reached the ABOSAA chapters of Claire’s abduction / rape and Jamie ordering the killing of all the men and for the first time I was asking myself if I would really want or could live with someone like Jamie Fraser in real life. (Besides the fact that his perfectness would make me feel even more self conscious as I’m already am *g*) To live with a man who in his rage about what has been done to his wife is not just capable, but perfectly willing to break a man’s neck with his own bare hands.

Diana managed to show Claire’s inner conflict after the events and the contrast between her 20th (and my 21st) century way of thinking and the way a 18th century warrior thinks and acts. Not just about Hodgepile, but also about their captive Lionel Brown. Claire and I would have handed him over to the authorities and let law and justice be done by them. But these systems we know now and rely on don’t exist at that time in history. Furthermore Jamie hasn’t grown up with expecting any governmental authorities to enforce law and order. In most situations a highlands clan’s chief was “law and order” like Colum McKenzie had been at Leoch. And in some part as Jamie is on the Ridge, whether he himself considers himself laird/chief of all the people there. But they most certainly do.

I think even more important though is his sense of honour. That he would always protect his wife and family with his life but also take vengeance for things done to his wife and family. Jamie Fraser is a warrior and at one point in the saga he clearly states “I am a violent man.” (I’m too lazy to look for the exact quote). These chapters definitely proved that he is, but to some point also at what cost for him, because he has a conscience after all.

I don’t know why these chapters and these killings brought on this line of thinking, because Jamie has killed men to protect or rescue Claire before and I didn’t blink an eye. I also don’t know if this post makes any sense. I usually don’t care that he’s a man from a very different time and that actually makes out part of the attraction. I guess, violent or not I still love him anyway :-)

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