My Return to Geocaching…

Do one thing every day that scares you
(Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) ~ Baz Luhrmann, 1999)

Five days into the new year I thought it’s time to at least try to write here on a more regular basis. Not sure yet what to write about in the next couple of days/weeks, until I’ve established some kind of routine. Anyway…

2014 started rather lazy for me. I try to break my procrastination habit, but it’s so hard. I went back to work on Thursday and besides work and a few shopping errands (which might have been been prompted by the procrastinating side of my brain), I spend a lot of time watching Downton Abbey. I know I’ve come very late to the party, but I’m doing my best to catch up :-)

This afternoon I finally managed to give myself the needed kick in the behind, so to speak, to go out and do some geocaching again. It has been raining a lot around here in the last few days, so I didn’t really want to go into the woods or anything where I would have to leave the trail / tracks to crawl into some bushes to find the caches, when it’s still all muddy and wet.
I choose a multi-cache (and one traditional) at a Industrial Heritage site in the neighbouring town instead. The stations of the multi-cache were quite easy to find, but unfortunately they weren’t really located at the Industrial Heritage site, but most of them were in the adjoning business park, which was not that interesting to look at. Anyway, it was a sunny day, it was a walk outside in the fresh air, that’s what I had wanted to do after all.

At some point of the trail I met some other geocachers who obviously were looking for the same cache. Well, to be honest I hesitated to address them at first, shy and insecure as I usually am. I recognized them as cachers at once, but they seemed so absorbed and in a hurry, that I let them go ahead of me and I actually walked a detour to not run into them again. What a stupid, stupid notion of me.
When I saw them still searching for the cache at that one location I plucked up my courage and walked over there and introduced myself as a fellow geocacher. And they were really nice and let me log this cache, which they had just found, even though I hadn’t found it myself (yet). We searched for the rest of the multi-cache stations together and talked about our various geocaching experience and they recommended a few more caches in this town, which I might try out again soon.

So, it was a nice afternoon all in all and I’m so glad I wasn’t such a chicken as usual and talked to them. It might not seem such a big deal, but it was to me. I’m a bit messed up in that way, I’m afraid. But I’m working on it…

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