1447, 1458, 1527, 1533… *

Be a fan of every band that made you want to move your feet
Fall in love with every person who ever made your heart want to skip a beat
(We Shall Not Overcome ~ Frank Turner, 2013)

Whoever said “I don’t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it”… Amen, sister. I hear you. At least I try to hear you. Embrace the crazy and all.
For the past few days the sane part and the crazy part of my mind were at odds with each other about the Frank Turner concert on Thursday. Crazy won. I shouldn’t be surprised, because when it comes to “fandoms” (in the widest sense) Crazy has always won in the past. And I rarely regretted it.

So, I’ll be at another Frank Turner show this week. I hadn’t planned to go there when the tour dates came out, because it’s on a weekday (Thursday) and I’ve already got tickets for another concert the day after. In the same city even, which is about a 50 minutes drive away at the other end of our metropolitan area.

But the show on Thursday isn’t sold out yet and it was so tempting and so I bought the ticket two days ago. And still wasn’t sure if I should really go. Which once again shows I have no impulse control, because of course I could/should have waited with buying the ticket until I was sure I would definitely be going.
In my mind Sane did her best to talk some sense into Crazy, because Crazy was even starting to consider hanging around after the show once more which would definetely result in a severe lack of sleep. Like, a “not worth going to bed anymore” lack of sleep. But Sane and Crazy found a compromise, which quite a few people would probably still call utterly crazy, but hey… what do I care. Embracing and enjoying it, right?
I just booked a room at a hostel in walking distance to the concert venue :-) Which means instead of a 50 minutes drive back home and another 50 minutes drive to work on Friday morning, It’s a 10 minutes walk to my hostel and a 30 minutes drive to work the next day. Which means I’ll be able to sleep 1 hour more than I would be able to if I drove home after the show. 60 minutes of additional sleep is worth paying for a room, right? It definitely will be if Crazy decides to hang around after show to have a photo collage from the London show signed. Which still depends on the photo being delivered before Thursday. We’ll see.

Either way, I’ll be at another Frank Turner show this week. Yay!

I don’t even want to consider the crazy things I might do in regards to the Cologne concert in March. And/or the “literary festival” event on the day before that concert, where he’ll be talk about songwriting.

*  Frank keeps a list of his solo shows. (Number, Date, Location). Here’s my list so far

Show 1447: 6th September 2013, Aladin, Bremen, Germany
Show 1458: 20th September 2013, E-Werk, Cologne, Germany
Show 1527: 12th February 2014, The O2, London, UK
Show 1533: 20th February 2014, Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany

to be continued…
[I’m too lazy to work out the numbers of the Cologne shows in advance *g*]

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