This Simple Kind Of Stuff, No. 3

Where did the month of January go? How can it be February already? *sigh* But… February is the months of: London! Harry Potter Studio Tour! Frank Turner at the O2! Also: Sunrise Avenue in Germany! And hopefully some other fun stuff. Movies and the return of favourite TV shows (some won’t return before March, but who’s counting).

I’m really looking forward to my trip to London and I’m sure I will get through three busy days at work before then. I’ve already got Thursday off work as well and I really need this day, because after work I’m usually knackered and in no condition to take care of packing my suitcase and keeping track of all the things I want to take with me.

Busy and knackered sound so negative, but of course there also were wonderful tiny moments these past few days. And with London and concerts and all that on the horizon I know there will be much more in February…

  • Ravel’s Bolero at the ballett
  • many nice chats and lots of laughters at the office
  • Frank Turner’s music always brightens my day
  • 2 very cute enthusiastic kids sitting in front of me at the hockey game
  • the necessary alternative route back home from work isn’t so bad at all
  • many beautiful sunsets every evening on my way home
  • I managed to switch my hairdresser appointment
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