The End of Hibernation

One of my plans for 2104 was to simply “do more”, in the sens of: go out and explore: museums, parks and such. And to take more photos with a real camera. At least I think I wrote that down as one of the 2014 resolutions. I was reminded of the latter because this afternoon I decided to follow the “do more” resolution. I left work about 45 minutes early than usual and went to the zoo :-)

The job I started working in about 18 months ago puts me in close proximity to my favourite zoo in our area. Its just a tiny detour on my way back home and last year (after I’ve been at the job for over a year) I finally bought an annual ticket but only have used it that once yet. So when I was sitting in my office watching the sunny outside all day, I decided to make the best of it. And to make good use of our flexible working hours.

It was a lovely 1-hour walk through the Africa section of the zoo and after that payed a quick visit to the moose and the wolves. Unfortunately I got to the giraffes when they were just were taken out of the outdoor compound back to the indoors. Having supper, I suppose. Not all animals were outside yet, I think some are still in there indoor winter quarters, but there was enough to watch anyway. It was especially nice to see a lot of the animals making the best of this lovely day by just lazily lounging in a sunny place :-)

I took some photos with my rather crappy phone camera and for future spontanous outings put my small digital camera into my purse this evening. It’s so much more fun to snap photos with a real camera.

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