Busy, Busy Days…

Today I made up for all the procrastination I did on Saturday. Or at least it felt like I did. Not in the way of what I got done today, because the procrastination on Saturday took place in my private life and the productive (sort of) and busy time today was took place in my work life. But still, it felt really good to be productive. In whatever way. Yay for good days at the work. There are still tons of things to do and most of my coworkers are on Easter vacation already (it’s the school holidays and they have kids in school etc.).
My coworker appreciated my willingness to work longer hours today and my patience to wait till he managed to find an hour in his busy schedule to talk some things through with me. I’m bad at accepting appreciation or een praise, I know, so of course I tried to play it down and all. And it’s not a big deal really, I’m get paid for the additional hours and it’s not that my private life is such a busy one. The perks of being unattached, I gues.┬áBut I really don’t mind working longer hours once in a while. I’m knackered after one long day already though. I have no idea how workholics do it *g*

I decided to join the #100happydays brigade. No idea if I’ll make it to day 100. I’ve given up on so many different, new, interesting “projects” recently, that I almost didn’t want to mention the 100happydays in case I “fail” again quickly. But here I am… mentioning it anyway :-)

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