Jumble of Thoughts 017

If you knew to which extent I procrastinated today you might ask yourself how I ever get anything done in my life. And I must have gotten some things done. I got through school and college and have been working for the last 15 years. I’m not suffocating in an untidy, filthy apartment. So, I don’t fail at life in general or even in particular. But it kind of felt like it today.
And it’s not that I just sat on my couch and did nothing. I did stuff. Just not the things I should do or the things I need to do. Today felt like my procrastination really reached a new (low) level. And I could probably spend a few more hours thinking about why I procrastinate so much. And I probably should do that some day. But not now instead of doing the things I need to get done.
This might not make sense to lot of people, who might by now ask: “Why doesn’t she just do the things and be done with them?” And I can’t really answer that. I’m just wired that way and I don’t always like it. And I have no idea if writing a blog post about it might change anything or motivate me to change that or whatever. I guess writing a blog post is just another way of procrasatining… I’m such a basket case these days.

° ° ° °

I’m having a rather hard time with the ECHO (Outlander book 7) audiobook at the moment. It’s all about William and his time at General Howe’s staff on Long Island and I just can’t bring myself to care very much about it all. I care about William, but the whole military details of the army and battles and all tend to bore me rather sooner than later. I now remember that this was one of the things that bothered me a bit with the book back then when I read it.

° ° ° °

Stillness of the Moments, No.6
as much as I remember them from last couple of days

  • The Cologne Sharks made it to the playoff finals
  • Watching Frank Turner concert DVD from 2009. So much good stuff even back then.
  • My return to the gym worked out well. I just have to make sure I’ll keep up with going regulary :-)
  • Twice a car in front of me had the same licenseplate mounting as I do. I hope the drivers behind me grin as much as I do whenever I see it on another car.
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