The Things I Hold Inside ?

And the only things that hold me back are things I hold inside
(Sailor’s Boots ~ Frank Turner, 2011)

I’ve reached the point where I flee from my apartment and spend the afternoon at a Starbucks (after running some errands) to be able to work on at least one thing without getting distracted and demotivated by the reminders in my apartment of all the other things I should be doing / have to do. I guess that turned my procrastination into something almost pathological :-)
But I really needed to work on one thing – our local Greens platform brochure for the local campaign – and I knew that seeing all the messy shelves and desks and the laundry and the dishes in my apartment I wouldn’t have gotten anything done. I would have started to putter around from one thing to the next and then feel overwhelmed by all the things I need to do to turn on my phone and check Twitter again or play another round of 2048.

I definitely should make a habit of reading at least few pages of  “The Procrastination Equation” each day, a book I started reading last year, but let myself got distracted from (story of my life), because I remember that it contained some really great stuff. Interesting and insightful and sort of eye-opening kind of stuff.
But I really want to get to the bottom of why I’ve let my stupid procrastination habit rule my life so much these days. I have no idea if I will like the things I might learn about myself in the process, but I guess I’ll cross that bridge, when I get there.

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  1. Piers Steel says:

    There is the bullet point version at the back of the paperback. I wrote it with you (and those like you) specifically in mind. The story of your life, up to now.

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