Outlander Chronicles: The End

After 493 days my “Listen to all the Outlander audio books in a row” project came to an end. When I started with it I really thought I would get through them quicker, at least that had been the plan, always considering that book 8 was supposed to be out sooner. So all in all I was just in time, because #MOBY (Written In My Own Heart’s Blood) will be out in a couple of days and it was a good thing I refreshed my memory of the last book. I haven’t read that more than once I think, at least I realized I had forgotten about a few things. And with all those fresh in my mind, and also with the spoilers I have already read in the #DailyLines and previews of the new book, I’m really excited to see where Diana is going to take this story. And what the answers to all of those following questions will be?

Will Ian and Rachel manage to get married? I really, really hope so! I’m a total Ian/Rachel shipper by now…

Will William be able to forgive Jamie and John and come to terms with what he has learned about himself? Also: Will he find his true love? I so want him to be happy and I think maybe a (new) love will help him to get over the shock of finding out that he isn’t who he thought he was. If a woman loves him and not his title etc., that might help with reconciling him with Jamie and John.

Will Roger get back from the past soon? That’s the one plot I’m kind of dreading a bit, because I have no idea yet, how that could happen. And I would hate to see him stuck there away from Bree and the kids. But he won’t leave until he finds out (but how?!?!?) that Jemmy isn’t in the past with him or in fact in any past at all. He might accidently or unwillingly be transported back to 20th century. But I honestly have no idea myself how this could all work out.

What’s the deal with Denys Randall-Issacs? Will Jamie and/or Claire encounter him at some point? What might Denys know about Black Jack Randall and Jamie, if he knows anything at all?

What did Frank mean in his letter to Bree, when he wrote “You are a…(dangerous person / in a dangerous situation…)” ?

What will Jamie and Claire do with Percy’s revelation that Fergus is the son of the Comte St. Germain? (Of all the people in the world?!?!) Will the Comte make an appearance soon? I have read “The Space Between” again not so long ago and in that story the Comte wants to have a child of his own, so what will he do, when he realizes he already has got a son? And will Raymond finally make himself known to Claire again?

Most important in all of that though: Can Fergus travel through the stones as well? And what about his children? And what will he make of it, if they can?

In a bit more than two weeks I will find out about all the answers, as the new book will be out on 10th June. It was supposed to be out on 5th June, but it was postponed a few days. But maybe, just maybe, Amazon will deliver it to my Kindle on the date they had scheduled first (5th)? It did happen before, no idea with which book, but I had it on my Kindle days before it was officially in the stores. So, a girl can dream, right?

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