Outlander Chronicles: They Are Finally Aboard a Ship ;-)

I’m just sort of checking in quickly to jot down a few things I had forgotten about ECHO IN THE BONE (Outlander #7) and am just now getting reacquainted with while I’m listening to the audiobook once more.

  • Claire meeting William while she and the injured from Fort Ticonderoga are captured by the English.
  • Claire in the middle of a tug of war between Ian and William. Hilarious scene.
  • Ian kissing Rachel. I had completely forgotten about that.
  • Ian killing the blackmailer, was something I definitely had forgotten about.
  • I did remember the “hat-trick” and Jamie handing his hat to William after Simon Fraser had died. Probably because I had re-read every Jamie/Claire/William etc. scene a few times even when I hadn’t reread the complete novel.

There are so many tiny details I enjoy hearing again. Like Jamie using “Eene, meene, miny, moe” to decide which tent Denzel might be held captive in :-)

I just love everything about these guys and this epic tale. So much that I can overlook the sometimes too long (for my taste) descriptions of strategic meetings of army commanders or everything else regarding the warfare aspect of it all. I know it’s an important part of this story, as it it set in the time of the American Revolution, but still… it’s not my main interest in the story.

I’m at chapter 72 at the moment and Jamie, Claire and Ian finally boared a ship to Scotland. It took them long enough, 8 months and 64 chapters after they set off from Frasers Ridge *g*. Going back to Lallybroch will be another wonderful part of this story. A sad one, but a necessary one, not to mention of all the things that happen when Claire and later Jamie and Jenny return to Philadelphia :-)

Only 22 more days until book 8: WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD (or #MOBY as Diana and we fans got to call it over the last few years) will be out. I can’t wait!

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