Header Issues

Update: I settled for a header later that day, so this post is actually kind of redundant… *g*

As much as I actually like the new theme I have chosen for my blog (for now *g*) I’m still kind of unsure about the header image on the start page. Which led to me trying our various header images and having the blog’s title written above it or on the image or… anything.

I still haven’t quite figured out what I really want to show there. I have an idea of a word cloud (and yes, those will probably consist of dozens lines from Frank Turner lyrics), but I still have to work on that, when I find the time. Until then the current header image will stay up. Probably…

I’m off to bed now with a warm water bottle and socks and two blankets, because I’ve just spend an evening outdoors at a concert. At 15 °C and in the rain, at least in the beginning. I’m grateful that it wasn’t all that bad during the main concert. It didn’t rain and it was not a nasty kind of cold. But peeling of the rain gear in the car, I realized that the stuff I wore under it felt kind of clammy. And that alone made me feel chilled to the bone. While I’m typing this, I’m sipping hot tea. In freaking August!

More about the concert itself later this weekend…

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