No “Escape” from Frank Turner ;-)

In an ordinary week (5 days of work) I get into my car 10 times for a 45 minutes (one way) drive to and from the office. In probably 6 out of these 10 times I choose to listen to Frank Turner songs. (What can I say? I like him. And no, it never get’s old). There is the occasional audiobook or other music and sometimes even the radio. Mostly when I forget my iPod at home.
On my way home this afternoon there was this rare moment, when I thought maybe I should give Frank a break. I couldn’t switch playlists on my iPod while I was driving, so I turned on the radio and switched through the stations. Which is a hassle with my car stereo as even after two years I haven’t quite figured out how to change the programmed stations from the previous owner. I didn’t want to listen to one of the two main stations in my region, because they play the same stuff over and over again, so I stayed with one of the smaller ones. (WDR5 for anyone who cares to know) I caught the end of a radio feature about schools (in Sweden ?) and when that ended, a song started playing, you know, like it happens on the radio…

Guess, what song it was?

Frank Turner – “The Way I Tend To Be”

*headdesk* He is seems to be stalking me. Not that I mind. Not one bit. But it was still a “Woah!” kind of moment…

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