Feeling the Sunshine (Figuratively and Literally)

I don’t want to spend the whole of my life inside,
I want to step outside and feel the sunshine…
(The Next Storm ~ Frank Turner)

I dreaded going back to work today. Mostly, because I didn’t feel as well rested as I would have liked after a 2 weeks vacation. But also, because I knew today would be the first of a row of rather long and potentially stressful days. I hate being thrown back into the fray of things right away. It was a good thing, that I decided to not start on Monday but on Hump-day. Because if today had been a Monday with 4 more of these days ahead I would have left work screaming.
Another reason I dreaded returning to work was, because when I had logged into my work mails just once at the beginning of my vacation, I saw a mail about change of plans for an event which I took part in organizing and of course I thought I had messed up something which led to the change of plans. Yeah, I’m one of those crazy ones that always think that they are the ones messing things up. Anyway… it didn’t trouble me too much during my vacation, but I was a bit worried last night and this morning. In short: It had nothing to do with me. At all. Of course ;-)

So it was a rather long and stressful day and I once again realized that I really have to take care of myself by not letting my co-worker make me all fidgety or something. I have no better way to describe it. I like him and we get along great and are good at working together, but he’s one of those who can or at least try to juggle six different balls at a time, whereas I’m happy to have one ball in each hand. Figuratively speaking. So, yeah, today was one of those juggling days which leave me exhausted.

Anyway…. there were a lot of nice things today as well, thanks to the nice and friendly work environment I’m in at this job. Which lightened up the day a lot. It weren’t just the members of my team, but also the other team on our floor who welcomed me back and came by to chat a bit and ask about my vacation. I felt really bad that I was too busy all day to really talk to the one co-worker who this morning was among the first to say “Hi, Welcome back. How was your vacation?” I met her on the way out and sadly had to postpone any chat till Friday, because tomorrow will be equally busy.
Boss1 came by my office to welcome me back and added “It’s good to have you back, so that juggling co-worker can hand over some of the balls to you” (of course, he didn’t say it in these words, but I felt like staying in the metaphor *g*). As much as I sometimes (still) feel overwhelmed in this job, it’s nice to see that others think I’m ready for and capable of much more.
I also was happy to find the time to have a quick chat with Boss2 (one up the ladder) as well, because it had turned out that way back he had some ties to the Jersey’s Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. When he heard I was going to Jersey, he told me a lot about his time there. So I brought him back some Durrell / Jersey souvenirs and some leaflets and such, which he was genuinely pleased about. Never a bad thing to please your boss, right? Just kidding, he’s a nice guy and it was the least I could do.

So, even though it was a long and stressful day, it was still a quite good day. Listening to Frank Turner in the car on my way back home might have helped as well *g* In my defence I have to say, that I haven’t listened to a lot of music during my vacation. It was mostly the MOBY audiobook, when I was in my car or during the flight to Jersey. But a few days ago I found these bootleg clips of the new songs on YT, and even though I feel kind of bad about getting them there,  “Get Better” and “The Next Storm” are just too good and too important to me already, that I could not resist. And I only got those two and not all the others…

And as much as I love Frank and like to remember the great show in Dudelange in June by looking at my phone, right now the sunshine at the beach of Greve de Leqc is much better suited to cheer me up….

Frank Turner  Greve de Leqc

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