Last-Minute Thoughts on the Scottish Independence Referendum

A few unsorted thoughts on the historical vote going on in Scotland today – yes, no matter the outcome, I think it is a historical moment.

I really have no idea how I would have voted if I had a vote in this referendum. I always wanted to take the time and read up on all the arguments from both sides, but in the end I never did.

I’m very fond of Scotland and the Scottish people and I admit that “Outlander” probably played a part in this at least in the beginning. So what?

I realized being a federal republic like Germany with constituent states which have limited sovereignty and which balance out the central government is not such a bad thing. I think no matter the outcome today Britain might want to consider granting more real power onto a regional level, and I’m not talking just about Wales or Northern Ireland. There are other parts of England who obviously feel just as powerless and disregarded as Scotland felt.

I have no idea how the referendum will end. I’m aware, that I live in kind of a pro YES bubble, on social media at least anyway, so whatever I read there is not a mirror of the real world as much as I secretly might want it to be.

I’m a bit scared that there might be a huge disappointment in my Twitter feed tomorrow, because NO will have won despite the apparently swing towards YES, which was reported in my Twitter feed all day. (But, Bubble and all). And yes, I’m a glas-half-empty person, I can’t help it.

I hope there will be no bad blood among the Scots on opposite sides of this.

I bought the Times and the Daily Telegraph today and I have to say I was baffled by the blatantly biased journalism especially in the Telegraph. I didn’t expected them to report 100% balanced, but from what I saw they were rather 100% biased. Which I think is a sad day for a newspaper. But of course that is my absolutely personal opinion. Like the rest of this post as well, by the way :-)

Even though at the moment I’m over 700 km (500 mi) away from ScotlandĀ on the opposite end of of the UK, I seem to have caught the Scottish #IndyRef fever. Which means I will try to catch some sleep now and set the alarm so I can turn on the TV in the middle of the night to witness the first results come in. And history to be made…?

I’m totally blown away how intense this issue was being discussed among Scots everywhere in the country and outside. Nice proof that people can engage in serious, fair, enthusiastic political discussions. 97% registered to vote and according to the news the turnout already is amazing, which is so awesome.

So, no matter how this ends, I want the Scottish people to know that as a committed democrat and friend of Scotland you have already made me proud.

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