#MicroblogMonday 10: Aftermath of a Theft

[Not a Microblog, but a long rant. One I needed to make :-)]

My purse got stolen last evening. Including everything. Freaking everything! Wallet with bank- and creditcards, drivers licence, vehicle licence etc., my car keys and all the other keys (my apartment, my mom’s house etc.). A good thing I had the phone in my trouser’s pocket, because I had used it a few moments before.
How did it happen? I was working at an outdoor event and we all had put down our purses/bags while we were packing up our trailer. We did watch the bags as we were moving around them all the time. But in the end two girls came and asked us a question and I don’t know if they were a decoy or just a coincidence, but when we had locked up the trailer moments later and I went to pick up my purse, it was gone.

UGH! It’s such a nuisance to have all the keys and documents replaced now and it’s going to cost me a shitload of money, because apparently I should have updated my liability insurance in the past few years as lost/stolen keys aren’t covered in my policy, but are covered in a lot of the new ones.

Ok, trying to look on the good not so horrible things about it.

  • My car insurance will cover most of the costs for the change of locks / news keys for my car.
  • The car wasn’t stolen in the 45 minutes between the theft and the moment when Bro3 arrived at that parking lot and could check. (I couldn’t really leave the place of the theft as I had to wait for the police).
  • My landlord was able to at least change my apartment’s lock right away last night. (I might still have to pay for a change of the whole lock system in the building though as we use our apartment keys to also open the front door. No idea how to explain it any better)
  • My family and coworkers and even the woman in my insurance company’s call center were all very sympathetic and helpful.

Ehmmm… I admit I’m running out of “not so horrible things” to name about it at the moment.

It’s such a bloddy nuisance! They most probably were only after the money in my wallet and discared the rest somewhere or put it in the next garbage bin. I did check some of the bins in that part of the city center this afternoon, but didn’t find any trace. Of course.

I already spent hours on the phone with insurance companies or at the car shop and searching for all the stuff I need to bring with me when I have to visit the various authorities to have the stolen documents replaced. I’m annoyed and cranky and exhausted and also really miffed that this whole thing put quite a damper on my NaNoWriMo 2014 project. I had such a great start on Saturday, but had neither time nor the energy or the right mood to get any real writing done since then.

And then there was all the other stuff in my purse, which wasn’t of any real value, but which I liked having around. Certain pens. Pendants on my key chains. And my beautiful, practical, out-of-line wallet, which I probably won’t be able to just replace :-(

Ok, now that I got that off my chest (once more here in this place, after having poured out my heart  several times to family and coworkers and friends in the last 24 hours), I will whip up an easy supper, catch up with my TV shows and go to bed early, to be ready to brave the next day of Purse-Theft-Aftermath tomorrow.

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4 Responses to #MicroblogMonday 10: Aftermath of a Theft

  1. JustHeather says:

    Ugh!! I feel for you! I hope you are able to get everything, as much as possible, replaced quickly and with minimal costs.

  2. Mel says:

    That is so so so frustrating. I am so sorry you’re dealing with that.

  3. Susanne says:

    Thanks. Unfortunately the items which mean a lot to me, but weren’t expensive, are the hardest to replace. The other stuff, like driver license, ID, keys, are rather expensive :-( I guess the new TV I had planned to buy myself for X-mas will have to wait…

  4. Susanne says:

    Thank you. It’s really frustrating and so time consuming to get all the stuff replace. And expensive, of course.

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