Back To The Start

I have no idea how to go around a necessary go-around on the “Attitude” WordPress theme to display the full text of posts on the start page instead of only a short teaser. The mobile version of that theme doesn’t show either post or teaser, so I don’t want to continue using it, because I’m checking 95% of the blogs I’m reading on my phone. So… back to square one, the old old theme, I’ve been using for ages *sigh*

I don’t even know for sure why I feel the need to change the design around here. Instead of writing some more blog posts. Topics for those posts could / would be:

  • Work. Again. But at least I’m feeling more productive and confident this week, so that’s a good thing
  • What I think about a German Soccer club playing a friendly match in Saudi Arabia, while Raif Badafi is flogged to death just for speaking his mind (In short: I’m appalled)
  • Thoughts on tattoos (would I ever want one? If I ever did, what would it look like?) And yes, of course these thoughts are prompted by the man himself, who got 3 (well 4 actually) new tattoos in the last two weeks alone *headdesk* ;-)
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