Two Weeks Later…

It’s just the numbers tangled up in your sums
(Get Better ~ Frank Turner, 2015)

At the beginning of this month I posted on two consecutive days and almost patted myself on the back for being on the good track of posting more regularly. Yeah, right! Two weeks later and not a single post to show for. This is not the way to overcome the writers block and to follow through with the not-really-a-resolution-but-still-something “more writing” I wanted for 2015.

It’s just that I have been so insanely busy with work from the start of the year and with local politics stuff (I’m a town councillor for the Greens and there also also always Green Party things going on) and then I’m just too tired to write or don’t think there is anything interesting to write about.

And then when I have something interesting to write about (my Friday night) I got my thoughts and my words all tangled up in knots and don’t like what I write. At all. Because it doesn’t really transport what I want to say and then I realize I maybe should really think what I want to say before I start typing. It’s a strange feeling, because a lot of times in the past writing did help me to untangle these thoughts and write something intelligable. At least I thought it was intelligeble, but maybe it always only has been some weird mumble-jumble ;-) ?

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