Less Than 50 Days Till My Frank Turner Concert #8

Always, always, always, always try to say ‘yes’ 
(Song for Eva Mae ~ Frank Turner, 2011)

Yesterday around noon I saw this tweet

24 hours + 5 minutes after Frank tweeted it (and less than 22 hours after I saw it) I had booked a hotel room, a ticket to the show and a ticket for the train to London. So in less than 50 days I’ll be seeing Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls rock one of the most beautiful music venues! Yay! And I’m extremely excited and giddy and happy about it. I’ve got it sooooo bad for him, I know.

To be able to pay for this unscheduled trip to London, I guess Lent will come early for me as I will try plan to cut back on all the nice but unnecessary ways to spend money like:

  • getting a coffee to go
  • eating out / ordering in instead of preparing food for myself
  • spontaneously buying new books

to save up a bit for the end of March. I think I got relatively good deals both for travel and acommodations, but it’s still 4 days and nights in an expensive city. I thought about travelling there just for the concert on Sunday and only stay one or at the most two nights but travelling to London on the weekend is sooo expensive. In fact I chose to travel there on Thursday already, because the train fare was cheaper than on Friday and even with the additional night at a hotel it will only be 30 EUR more than a 3 days/nights stay. I’m more than willing to pay that for an additional day in London (even though of course there will be more expenses on that day, like food and just doing stuff) but still…

It’s Frank Turner at the Royal Albert Hall! And four days in London! It’s so going to be worth it. I just know it will be…

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