Less Than Four Weeks Till London….

In an almost eery rerun of these days three weeks ago,  when I checked Twitter yesterday morning during a lull bout of procrastination at work, I saw this:

Imagine my utter delight to see that the book tour event in London would take place on the 26th. The day I chose to arrive in London (because the train fare was cheaper on Thursday and thus costs for the additional night would only be 30 EUR)! YES!

Five minutes later I had secured my ticket to “An Evening With Frank Turner”. Only after I had done that I checked where the venue would be and the details of the ticket itself. I would have did gladly pay £28 just to see/hear Frank read from his book and tell stories and maybe do an acoustic version of a few songs… But the ticket includes a copy of the book! Which makes this an amazing deal, I think.

Only thing left for me to do was cancel my outstanding order of said book, which I had planned to pick up at Hatchards at St. Pancras / King’s Cross, directly after my arrival in London ;-).

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