My Summer Vacation Plans…

I’m going back to Scotland on vacation this summer! Yay! It was a rather spontaneous decision, prompted by a photo I saw on Twitter from a beautiful beach on Lewis and Harris. And I thought, that’s an island I really should check out some day soon. The whole trip as I have now planned it, is going to be more expensive than I had thought at first, but… Carpe Diem and all, right?

So for the last few days I was rather productive in regards to organzing my summer vacation. I just wish I would be equally productive with regular every day chores and activities. Like cleaning my apartement. Studying. Working on things I want to work on. Writing. Blogging. I can do it when I set my mind to it and when I have a goal in my mind, but if I don’t, which is the case most days, I’m back at procrastinating. It’s annoying sometimes. Well, a lot of times.

Anyway, Scotland: I’ll be flying to Glasgow in late July, will continue to Edinburgh right away, where I”ll stay for five nights. Then I’m back in Glasgow for three more nights and then there will be a whole – hopefully glorious and blissful – week on Lewis and Harris (Outer Hebrides).  I’ve been to Edinburgh and Glasgow in 2009 so I have already seen most of the “must see” attractions, but that won’t stop me from visiting them again, :-) I admit, I didn’t really warm up to Glasgow last time. It was ok, but I just didn’t really feel the vibe or whatever. It was very different in Edinburgh, maybe because it felt it had so much more history. And I LOVE history. But I will give Glasgow a 2nd try on this trip.

One thing I’m definitely planning to do though is take the train up to Falkirk and see the Kelpies! I haven’t found any organized tour from either of the two cities to the Falkirk Wheel and the Kelpies, so I probably will have to do that on my own. The Kelpies anyway. Other than that, I don’t have anything special planned yet. But it’s still time to plan that anyway… 171 days to be exact :-)

And maybe I shouldn’t make too many too strict plans for the days in Glasgow and Edinburgh anyway. There might be some filming going on somewhere around….  (A girl can dream, right?)

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