My London Itinerary

I thought I just might share the plans for my London trip in two weeks. Less than two weeks actually (Thursday 26th – Monday 30th). If any of you has some more recommendations, let me hear it. It’s my 5th trip to London in the last couple of years, so I’ve done most of the “must-see” things, i.e. the typical tourist highlights.

If all goes like planned I’ll arrive at St. Pancras International around noon on Thursday, 26th March. I’m staying in a hotel at Earls Court; so taking the tube down there, checking in, having some (late) lunch. I guess I’ll be heading out to Camden right after that. There is more than enough to see, stroll through the markets and all, before I’ll be at Frank Turner’s book event that evening.

There are three more fixed activites / events for me on this trip so far:

  • a tour of the Royal Albert Hall, because I’m generally interested in tours behind the scenes of beautiful and historical theatre/opera houses. And yes I might want to get a feeling of the venue before Sunday :-)
  • an audio guided tour of the House of Parliament. I wanted to do that for a while and now I finally get around to it. I’ve been working in politics and am still doing politics on a local level, so it’s going to be interesting, I think. Plus, it’s an impressive historical building…
  • And of course then there is a Frank Turner @ Royal Albert Hall gig on Sunday evening, the reason I’m travelling to London in the first place.

The rest of time I plan to fill with the following stuff:

    • The National History Museum is hosting the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition again and on the 27th a new exhibition about Coral Reefs opens.
    • Tate Britian, or to be exact the William Turner collection, because I really like some of his paintings and I haven’t been to the Tate yet.
    • There are also at least two London Walks I’m interested in, on Friday and Sunday, but I guess that will also depend on the weather.
    • I also plan to watch a show or a play or a movie on Friday or Saturday evening, so I’ll probably drop by the  Ticket Booth @ Leicster Square first thing on Friday.

Besides that it’s always fun to just stroll around, explore, do some shopping and all the other exciting stuff you can do and see in London. And not to forget: find a cafe or if it’s sunny enough a park to just sit down and read. THE book. :-)

Only 10 days and 9-ish hours until I’ll leave here. I can’t wait…

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