Some More Stuff From A – Z

There might be quite a few posts with thoughts/comments/memories in alphabetical order. As long as anything is making me use this space more, I’ll take it :-)

All Souls Trilogy
Still haven’t finished book 3. I’m going from really enjoying it to rolling my eyes a lot because in some aspects it’s just too much and too black and white. But there also was this hilarious moment in Chris’ lab. I admit, I have a weak spot for Twilight bashing by now.

Car SatNav
I’m trying to update the software and maps for my satnav right now, because this afternoon it seems to go bonkers once again. It did so once in December, telling me there is a traffic jam ahead, re-routing me, just to suddenly think that the old route was the better choice after all and all that crap. Ugh! That might have cost me about 20 minutes on my way home from a lovely meeting with friends today.

That’s the name of my new MS drug. Taking the first dose yesterday went well and I’m confident that it’s going to work out just fine. Even though I feel like I’m getting a slight headache tonight. But I hope that’s only caused by lack of sleep and forgetting to hydrate properly throughout the day.

Old friends
It’s always lovely to spend time with friends who you haven’t seen in a while. Catching up. Getting to know a new spouse (her’s not mine *g*) a bit better. Take a walk in the sunshine. Eat yummy food. Good times. Best way to spend a day off….

Outlander at Paley Fest LA
I admit I was crazy enough to set my alarm for 4 am (on my day off !!) to watch the live stream and I LOVED IT! If you watch the show and like it and have a general interest in TV production stuff, you should take the time (it’s 1 hour long) and watch it too. If you don’t have much time, at least take 10 minutes to watch the beginning when they play the Scottish version of “I never”. With Whiskey. Of course. Very, very funny. It’s available to watch here: Outlander Panel

I loved the good-natured banter between Cait and Sam and sometimes also Tobias. But especially Sam and Cait. He was teasing her a lot, she played along, and then there was this moment, when she acted sad and hurt by it all and he pulled her close to kiss her temple and I thought it was too darn cute.

sc paley2015

Playoff Hockey
My team, the Cologne Sharks didn’t make it this year, which is sad and embarrassing and all kinds of stupid. My 2nd favourite team, the Iserlohn Roostes made it though. They lost the first game, but won the 2nd game at home and it’s all back to square one. I like it!

Same-Sex-Marriage / Parents
First of all I’m glad and grateful that my gay/lesbian friends can get married in my country. But it sucks that there are still some aspects of married life / raising kids together that are much more complicated for them as for straight couples. And I’m not talking about the necessary medical side of it all, but legal regulations and procedures and such. Ugh! Stupid!

I’m not a parent, don’t plan to ever be one, but I’m still very happy, when I meet teachers who are serious about their job and about trying to really teach kids something and by teaching them helping them to a better start into adult life. Introducing them to literature and art and encourage them and… everything. Yes, it’s always nice and impressive.

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