A Few Thoughts From A – Z

Health status
I’m still not feeling my best. Not even remotely. Which really throws me off for so many reasons. Some of the MS symptoms have lessend, other haven’t. They feel actually worse. Or maybe I’m just paying too much attention to it. I’m not really headache-y, but something similar, like coming down with the flu. Which still all might be just a MS symptom, because it’s the facial nerve that’s been affected this time.
I’ve still got a bit of a weird taste in my mouth and I just can’t calm down. Which might be the one thing that’s bothering me the most. Even when I’m sitting still or laying down, my pulse rate is still up close to 70. Which might still be the after-effects of the steoroids. Or something else? I also feel like I’m a bit short of breath, bordering asthmatic on occasion. Which might be a leftover from the Bronchitis. Or something new? Or just another side/after effect from the steoroids. And then I start worrying about anything else my whacked out immune system might not have been able to keep in check.

I don’t recall those meds knocking me out for so long from the previous attacks. I don’t know if my memory is playing tricks on me. Or if I my body just take a lot longer now to recover from an MS attack and from all that comes with it. Both maybe. But it sucks either way. Because it reminds me that there is something profundly not ok with me. And there is not a fucking single thing I can do to change that. MS sucks!

McDreamy died!
It was all over the news, so I don’t have to write about it in length, even though I was tempted. I’ve been huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy from the start. For years I’ve posted detailed reviews of the episodes here. My enthusiasm simmered down the last few years, but I’ve been a MerDer shipper and I’m so pissed off, that the show runner felt like she had to sink this ship by killing one half of this couple. And not even for storytelling or dramatic reason, but because of a personal grudge she seems to hold against Patrick Dempsey. I think as a loyal viewer I deserved more than such a cheap copout. And so did he. The AV Club has a great piece about it: The Showrunner Who Cried Wolf

This show is still a huge pleasure to watch for me, the long time fan of the novel series. Yes, they changed some stuff and left things out and it has taken me some time to get used to TV Ian Murray, because for once I had a different image in my head. But Steven Cree is doing a fine job nonetheless. And Lallybroch itself also looks too huge to me, but it works. And this episode had some great stuff. Tobias Menzies’s Black Jack Randall is so utterly creepy. I wish we could just give Tobias all the awards already. “Drunken Jamie” was an addition, that scene isn’t it the book, but it was fun. The scene at the mill was in the book. Fun (ehm *g*) to watch as well. Poor Sam, spending hours naked in freezing water and freezing outdoor temperatures.

In five days I’m leaving for a whole week in Prague and I’m so unprepared. *g* I’m travelling there to watch the Icehockey Worldchampionship with a group of friends. A huge group. I left the whole planning/booking stuff to some of them and didn’t have to worry about anything. But it feels weird to not have my plane ticket, hotel reservation and schedules in my hand. I still haven’t really spend much time reading my travel guide either. I should maybe do that tonight…

And when it all comes down to it: TV shows and such aren’t really all that important. Even the temporary poor state of my health pales in comparison, when you read about or see footage from Nepal. Or hear sad news from a pregnant friend. Real life sucks so much more than any TV show sometimes. But it still sucks that “Grey’s Anatomy” can’t be ans escape strategy from a crappy real life for me anymore. So, for that alone… Screw you, Shonda!

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