This Simple Kind Of Stuff, No. 8

And I have all this drive and no idea what I should do with it.
But they say there is a calm after the passing of the storm
So I can dream of going back outside when the rain and thunder’s done.
(The Opening Act of Spring ~ Frank Turner, 2015)

It’s been a weird week so far. Once again. So much to do or to plan or to think of and I’m either too exhausted or distracted or overwhelmed. I don’t like it. I also don’t like how irritable I tend to be these days. About tiny things. Like the other drivers with me on the highway… Long story. And such a waste of energy on my part, to be honest.

So, I’ve decided to try to focus on the good things each day.  Maybe list them here every (other) night for a while. I did that some time again already. Hence N0.8 :-)

  • The Avengers 2. What a fun movie (Ok, I already saw that one yesterday, but…)
  • The day was sunnier than I expected it to be and even if it rained at some point, I was either indoors or in my car, so I didn’t really care.
  • Yummy Indian food and yummy chococlate Brownie / Mousse au chocolat for dessert
  • Watching the Youtube clips of Frank Turners half hour solo gig at the Looney Tunes record store in West Babylon, NY. He didn’t play the usual songs, but rarer ones and he also told a few funny stories. He can be such an adorable “big kid” sometimes. (The linked clip should start at 23:55 timestamp, if it doesn’t just scroll there)
  • Two weeks and one day until my next Frank Turner gig ;-)
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