20 Really Random Facts About Me…

We’ve all got secrets that we hold inside,
The worst little things that you never confide,
And the worst one of all that you just can’t hide,
Is that you’re never quite as strong as you sound.
(If Ever I Stray ~ Frank Turner, 2011)

Sooooooo, this weekend starts another endeavour to bring this blog back to life. To bring life back to this blog? Whatever… Starting with sharing some pretty random facts about me. Stuff you might not yet know. Because it’s really random…. LOL

  1. So far I have only travelled inside Europe (home continent) and North America.
  2. I’m actually left-handed, but due to this right-handed world I’ve turned kind of ambidextrous. I still would never feel comfortable carrying a mug full of hot coffee in my right hand though.
  3. I’ve turned 40 this April. Most of the times I still don’t feel like a grown-up.
  4. I hate all kinds of household chores. Some more than others, but in general I’m just not a fan.
  5. I’m still living in the town I was born and grew up in. I’ve lived in Stockholm, Sweden for 6 months during my university years, but haven’t moved anywhere else since.
  6. I’m the youngest of four. The other three are all male. Didn’t mind it all that much growing up. Still don’t.
  7. I’ve never had a pet.
  8. I’m overweight since my teen years. In my twenties I’ve once lost 40 pounds within 6 months. Sadly I put this weight back on by now.
  9. I’ve been a shipper as long as I can remember. I think my first ships were Amanda & Lee (Scarecrow & Mrs. King) and Laura & Mr. Steele (Remington Steele).
  10. When I’ve started being fan of bands and going to concerts and such during my teen years, I dreamed of one day working as a tour manager. Until I did 3 Frank Turner show in 3 days in January 2016 I thought I’d do the job well! I still think I’d have the organizing part down, but the travelling? Not so much…
  11. My majors in high school were English and Geography.
  12. I can’t really sing. It feels like I’m always on a lower pitch. And off pitch too. It’s ok when I’m alone in my car, but not anywhere else.
  13. I have a thing for lighthouses. I don’t really know why. Their proximity to the wide ocean maybe? Their unique building structure? The solitude of them… ?
  14. I stopped eating meat about 15 years ago. I still eat fish / sea food, so I’m not a “real” vegetarian. I still call myself one, because it’s just easier. Real vegetarians sometimes berated me for that. But I don’t care…
  15. My feet are sized 41 – 42 (EU) ( about 9 in UK or 10.5 in US)
  16. After having read “Anne of Green Gables” when I was 12 or so, I devoured all those travel guides about Canada in the local library and dreamt of living on PEI one day. In 2010 I finally managed to at least visit the island. It was such a lovely trip.
  17. Unlike many of my generation, I’ve never actually considered getting a tattoo. Until I’ve fallen head over heels for Frank Turner and his lyrics. I still won’t get one as it’s not really advised for people on immune suppressive medication.
  18. I didn’t buy my first own car until I was 37.
  19. My first movie star crush was Kevin Costner in the early 90s (Dances with Wolves / Robin Hood / Bodyguard). I could have chosen much worse, right?
  20. I’ve still got the same cellphone number I got when I bought my first one in 1999.

There are a so many more things I could tell you here, but I probably won’t :-)

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