Outlander Worlds Collide…(In A Good Way)

I had considered re-reading the 2nd Outlander book “Dragonfly In Amber” while I’m on vacation in Scotland (starting in a week!). But then I thought maybe I should start with “Outlander” once again after all and THEN I decided to go down the audiobook route again :-). I did that once and between January 2013 and May 2014 listened to audiobooks of the first seven books, in prepration of the expected release of book 8 in autumn 2013 summer 2014.

When I started with that project and sometimes blogged about it under “Outlander Chronicles” (consistently, I hope) there already hadbeen news of a potential TV show, but even though I followed the filming and all the behind the scenes stuff till I finished with audiobook 7 in May 2014, I never really imagined Sam and Cait as Jamie and Claire (yet), while I listened to the wonderful Davina Porter narrating this story. Probably because by the time they were cast and first photos emerged, I was at audiobook 4 or 5 and thus at events 25 years later. I don’t know…

I started with the Outlander audiobook once again this morning on my way to work and… WOAH, Did Cait and Tobias and Sam make an apperance in my mind. It felt strange, but not in a bad way. Not at all, it was just unexpected, because the TV story strays from the book story quite a bit even right at the start, so it wasn’t like I just heared the written version of the TV events read to me. It IS a different story in a way. But in so many ways it’s just the same story and the characters at least look very much the same to me ;-). Does this make any sense?

But it’s a lot of fun to experience the story once again in yet a different way. To have the book events combined with the TV images and all narrated by a third entity, Davina Porter. Can’t we give her a cameo on the show as well? She deserves it! I don’t know if she’d ever be interested, but to me she is an integral part of the whole Outlander-verse, because her narration is so amazing.

Tiny Outlander Fan fail on my part: I did not remember (or realize when the Season 1 premiere aired last year) that the “I never owned a vase” was actually taken straight from the book. I seriously had no idea! *headdesk* So it really is about time I refresh my memory of Outlander and book 2 “Dragonfly in Amber” before season 2 airs next year.

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