Sooooooo Freaking Tired!

Sometimes I just feel so drained…
(Jet Lag ~ Frank Turner, 2008)

That line alone actually describes my current state pretty well. And I have no idea where this tiredness is coming from these days. During the tiny heat wave we had two weeks ago, I thought it was MS-related fatigue, which I haven’t had suffered from so far actually, but it seemed a reasonable explanation to me.

I know that in general I don’t get enough sleep during the week, because I just go to bed too late. My alarm is set for around 5:30 AM so I should be in bed around 11 PM at the latest, better between 10 and 11, to get something close to 7 hours of sleep. I seldom go to bed before 11 and I usually don’t fall asleep right away, so of course towards the 2nd half of the week this lack of sleep makes me more and more exhausted.

But recently I’ve even tried to get a decent amount of sleep. I went to bed around 9:30 PM last night and felt rather well rested in the morning. Which shows that I should get a minimum of 7 hours each night. But it still doesn’t explain why I seem to hit a wall of exhaustion between 4 and 5 PM each day. Even today. And it sucks!

Or maybe I’m just to stressed all day with worrying (which I tend to do more than necessary these days) and that’s dragging me down and adding to the exhaustion as well. I don’t know…

I will try to go to bed before 10 PM again tonight. And hopefully will get through the wall of tiredness tomorrow afternoon because I’m heading out to a concert after work, which also means I won’t be in bed before 12:30 PM tonight. Ugh! I’m already dreading work on Friday, but…. I can sleep when I’m dead, right :-)?

I’m also definitely in need of a vacation. 1.5 more weeks to go before I’m off work for three whole weeks and 2.5 weeks of those I’ll be spending in Scotland! Can’t wait…

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