[>140]* So Happy Humpday is Already Over….

I can’t stand being the person that I’ve been…
(Josephine ~ Frank Turner, 2015)

Or to be more exact: I can’t stand being the person I’ve been or felt to be at work these past three days. Three days in and I’m already feeling slightly overwhelmed, partially pissed off, anxious about my performance… you name it. And most of all exhausted, which is my own freaking fault, because I never made it to bed at a reasonable hour. Not even close *sigh*

I really hope it’s just the exhaustion that is making me so grumpy and worried and anxious. Or that if I weren’t so tired, I would be able to deal with all this stuff more rationally. Will give that another try tomorrow by going to bed very very soon. For real.

(* Sometimes I wish Twitter would allow more than 140 characters when I feel like I have to share this thought / idea / opinion / emotion / photo / story right away, but don’t want to have to use yet another Twitter-related service like Twitlonger etc. On one of my long drives on the Outer Hebrides last week I pondered ideas how to share this tiny but not “micro 140 characters” tiny stuff. Then I remembered that almost as easily as I can tweet on my phone I can also write a tiny post for my blog via the wordpress app. So let’s just see how it will work out. Not sure about the [>140] category or title or whatever yet either…)

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