A Few Days in Edinburgh, Scotland, July 2015

It’s time to share a few vacation photos, isn’t it? More than I shared on Twitter or Instagram while I was away anyway. I had a great time in Scotland, although even according to the Scots themselves it was the worst summer in decades. To be honest I didn’t have all that much rain in the first week, there just weren’t really summer temperatures either.

Looking back now it feels like I didn’t do all that much tourist-y stuff in Edinburgh, at least not as much as I had written down in a list of potential “things-to-do”. But that was fine, I wasn’t there to check off items on an itinerary after all. I did most of the “must-sees” on my first trip to this beautiful city in 2009 anyway. (As reported here, here and here back then on this blog)

I did a tour of the Scottish Parliament again, visit Palace of Holyrood Castle and the Royal Botanic Garden for the first time and visited Edinburgh Castle a 2nd time on this 2nd trip. But I also hiked up the freaking Arthur’s Seat! And I did a lot of just strolling around or just sitting somewhere, drinking a Latte and enjoying a caramel shortbread (There might have been quite some coffee and caramel shortbread throughout the whole two weeks to be honest *g*)

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